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The Landlord Compliance Checklist!

The Complete Health And Compliance Check That EVERY Landlord Should Read Right Away!

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Meet AVENUE Property Management and Lettings, we are landlords ourselves with a portfolio of properties for over 15 years and we cover Porthcawl and surrounding areas.  We help keep our landlords compliant and up to date with legislation to safeguard their business investment.

If you're looking to find out about keeping compliant with your property download the FREE self-managing landlord compliance checklist now. 

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We work with first-time landlords with a single property to seasoned professionals with a property portfolio...but there is no getting away from it – being a landlord involves a lot of work.

With an abundance of things to think about, we have prepared a checklist to give self-managing landlords a firm idea of the things they need to know and do before opening the  doors to tenants, what to do during the tenancy and also the steps at the end of a tenancy.

We want to ensure landlords stay current and are safe in the ever-shifting climate we currently find ourselves in so download the FREE compliance checklist now.


Rent Smart Wales | Gas Safety Certificates | EPCs | Deposit Protection...

There are MANY important things you need to do which are required by LAW

Our industry alone has seen a lot of changes this year and it’s important to keep up to date with these changes to legislation.

I know that being a self-managing landlord can be time consuming, but our industry is full of minute details, and these are where we can get tripped up… we can work with you or you can download our free Landlord compliance checklist for self-managing landlords.

It pays to get it right the first time so you can carry on managing your property with confidence.

Keeping landlords compliant
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Meet The A-Team

We are landlords ourselves with a portfolio of properties for over 15 years before establishing AVENUE Property. We are an independent family run property management and letting agent based in Porthcawl and serving the surrounding areas.

We help landlords to make sure their property is compliant and significantly lower the chance of risk and fines - with our checklist!

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How We Do It - Compliance Checklist

In this checklist, we show you what you need to look out for, and what you need to be compliant. Just go through step by step and tick off each point as you go.

And it's complimentary for any self-managing landlords!

  • Step by Step checklist

  • Tick sections off

  • Record important details

  • Audit your property


Key in the Lock

I download the checklist and I found it really useful - It made me realise how easy it is to miss important steps.

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I saw the compliance checklist on Facebook and didn't think I would need it but I was wrong - I now use Avenue to manage my houses.

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The checklist is free - download it - I use it as an audit for my property and I found the Avenue girls really helpful.

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There were some points in the checklist that I didn't know about and now Avenue take that worry off my mind about keeping up to date with legislation.


Avenue have taken over the management of my properties and they have already spotted issues that my previous agent should have picked up on.

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There is so much legislation now, I can't keep on top of it all and that's one of the reasons why I am using Avenue.


What happens if I am not compliant?

Here's a few examples...

What happens if I am not compliant

Rent Smart Wales: 

Failure to register or providing false or misleading information on your Rent Smart Wales registration is an offence which could lead to: 

  • A fixed penalty notice of up to £150

  • Prosecution and unlimited fines

  • Rent repayment order

  • Rent stopping order; and 

  • Your ability to secure possession of the property being restricted

Gas Safety Certificate:

As a landlord you have duties under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 to arrange maintenance by a Gas Safe registered engineer for all pipe work, appliances and flues, which you own and have provided for use.

The Health and Safety Executive gives gas safety a high priority and will take the appropriate action to ensure compliance with the regulations.


This could result in a

  • substantial fine

  • and/or a custodial sentence

Failure to protect a deposit:

Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) legislation currently applies to England and Wales where the tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST).


Failure to comply with the TDP legislation and you could be ordered to:

  • Return the deposit back to the tenant

  • Penalty fine of up to 3 x the deposit value as compensation to the tenant

  • Affect your ability to serve notice for possession

Not sure where to start?
We can help you.

It pays to get it right the first time so you can carry on managing your property with confidence.

Download the free checklist or get in touch with us today

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